Live Online Course on GST Assessment, Scrutiny and Audit

Master GST Assessment, Scrutiny, and Audit intricacies with our comprehensive course, deepening your tax compliance understanding. Enroll now for our early bird offer and gain essential skills for navigating GST regulations effectively.
CA Aanchal Kapoor
Faculty Instructor
Start Date
05 Apr 2024
End Date
06 Apr 2024
Duration :
4 Hrs
Lessons :

Time :





Who is this for?

  • Students and Learners
  • Government Officials
  • Business Owners
  • Finance Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Tax Professionals

What will be Covered in the Course?

Assessments & Scrutiny

  • Analysis of Legal Provisions from Sec 59-64
  • Practical Aspects and Case studies related to Assessments
  • ASMT 10 notices
  • Legality of notices
  • How to reply notices (ITC, 6. Cancellation, Refund, Non-Existent Supplier)
  • Case Laws
  • Demands through DRC01B , DRC01C


  • Departmental Audit u/s 65
    Criteria for Selection
  • Documents and Information that can demanded
  • Procedure to be followed for Audit
  • Snapshot into the various Audit forms
  • Snapshot into the various Audit forms

GST Assessment, Scrutiny and Audit Course’s Key Features

  • English Medium
  • Duration 4 Hours
  • E Certificate
  • E Notes available
  • The Recordings will be provided