Live Online Course on Refining the Art of Presenting Cases: A Comprehensive Webinar on Navigating the Commissioner of Income-Tax (Appeals) Proceedings

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Rohit Kapoor
Faculty Instructor
Start Date
06 Apr 2024
End Date
06 Apr 2024
Duration :
Lesson :

Time :

07:00 PM
09:00 PM




Who is this for?

  • Students and Learners
  • Government Officials
  • Business Owners
  • Finance Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Tax Professionals

What will be Covered in the Course?

  • Fees and time limit for filing appeal [Section 249 (1) & (2) of Income Tax Act,1961]
  • Exclusion of time for calculating time limit for filing appeal (Section 268 of Income Tax Act,1961)
  • Condonation of delay and sufficient cause in condonation of delay along with examples
  • Tax payable before filing appeal [Section 249(4) of Income Tax Act,1961]
  • Form-35 to be filed for appeal before CIT(Appeals) explaining Form-35 in detail along with drafting of statement of facts and grounds of appeal.
  • Stay of Demand and the rights reserved to AO while granting stay.
  • Withdrawal of appeal and defective appeal
  • Filing of additional evidence before CIT(A) along with circumstances under which additional evidence can be filed- Rule 46A of Income Tax Rules,1962
  • Filing of additional grounds before CIT(A)
  • Procedure in hearing appeal- Section 250 of Income Tax Act,1961
  • Discussion on Power of enhancement, Peak Theory, Theory of Telescoping
  • Discussion on Faceless Appeal Scheme along with procedure and E-Appeal Proceedings [Section 250(6B) & 250(6C) of Income Tax Act,1961.

Art of Presenting Cases Course’s Key Features

  • English Medium
  • Duration Hours
  • E Certificate
  • E Notes available
  • The Recordings will be provided